In a scorching and hot off the press news piece.

The New Yorker paints a highly unethical and possibly criminal picture of Fox News. Referring to the channel as “the closest we’ve come to having state TV” here in the United States. The news piece states that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch had always sought the friendship of a President, and over the course of this life had actually gone out of his way to meet all the living presidents personally. So when his on again, off again, friend Donald Trump, ran for President of the United States, an alliance that was forged in the pits of media hell was created. An alliance that surely has our founding fathers rolling over in their dusty graves nearly daily. The founders championed the free press as the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Fox News is anything but a free press and it’s currently running rampant in our nations most important politics.

The New Yorker points to instances of egregious journalistic malpractice where Fox News higher-ups actually killed news stories their journalists were working on that might have negatively affected Trump’s run for President and his following Presidency. One of the stories that their journalists had uncovered was the Stormy Daniels payoff and consequent campaign finance fraud story. This story was literally killed from Fox News corporate and prevented from running on air because it would have hurt Trump’s campaign. Clear cut journalistic fraud, malpractice, and dishonesty meant to intentionally mislead the American voters. In affect meddling with the results of the election by conning the people with intentionally deceptive newscasts. It’s not a question of if, but when Fox News executives and Rupert Murdoch himself should be called to Capitol Hill. To testify under oath as to why they thought this was an acceptable media practice. They should all be called to the Hill if not for anything other than to widely discredit and embarrass them. As they have so brazenly done to our nation.

Also, former Fox News head Roger Ailes had ridiculously close ties to the current President of the United States as well. After Ailes was fired by Fox News amid a barrage of sexual harassment claims. He actually plotted and planned with Donald Trump to start a Fox rival TV station together, starting right after Trump lost the election. The new channel would aptly be called “Trump TV.” The station would rival Fox with Trump’s nationalist brand of divisive politics as its centerpiece. They even recruited Steve Bannon to work on the new nationalist TV network with them.

“He asked Bannon to join the venture and to start planning it as soon as Trump lost the election.

“What are you talking about?” Bannon recalls replying. “We’re going to win.”

“Stop the bullshit,” Ailes responded. “It’s going to be a blowout. It’ll be over by eight o’clock.”

The ties between Donald Trump and the fake news station do not end there. There are multiple current and former members of the Fox News propaganda machine currently intertwined with the Trump White House and first family. The ties are so great that they even leaked debate questions to Donald Trump during the televised presidential debates. There are also multiple members of the Fox News hierarchy currently sitting in high ranking White House jobs. People like Bill Shine who recently left Fox News, now work high up in the Trump Administration. Shine interestingly enough, receives paychecks from both the U.S. Government and Fox News corporate. Ben Carson the current Housing Secretary was a Fox News commentator. John Bolten, Trump’s National Security Advisor was hand-picked off the Fox News airwaves. Trump also has former Fox News commentator K. T. McFarland as his Deputy National-Security Adviser. He even hired Fox News anchor Heather Nauert to be the Ambassador to the United Nations! I’m sure there are even more examples, but you get the point… Leave some in the comments if you find them.

Inversely, the White House has a whole army of people that have left its ranks to join the Fox News team. People like Hope Hicks and Sebastian Gorka instantly come to mind. Even weirder than that is former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle who is now apparently dating Donald Trump Jr. The pair seem to be embarked on some sort of permanent media campaign tour to support his father. All after telling the American people of course, that he was going to stay out of politics and instead focus on running the Trump family business. This way Trump Sr could be protected from any real or appeared conflicts of interest. Remember Trump’s news conference with all the papers stacked up? Well, I guess Donald Trump Jr threw all those papers out the limo window! Because the family is obviously still running the family business and the White House, side by side, both as for-profit enterprises. Selling everything from national secrets to trips to the Oval.

No matter what side of the political fence you are on, the introduction to a State TV here in the United States of America should send a chill up your spine. But all may not be lost my friends, Rupert Murdoch has publicly disagreed with President Trump on an entire host of issues. However, he like Trump according to the New Yorker sees politics as a what can you do for me? Kind of sport. So in his mind, his news channel and his idea to take over right-wing news and the white male brain. By buying the rights to NFL football. Was a huge win and business success, so he is not just going to give it up. Also as an Australian born man, he has no vested real interest in saving our democracy, at the cost of his own bottom dollar and his number one news channel. So though Rupert Murdoch may not sit by for Trumps worst urges in the future, for now, he and Trump are hand and hand in the front seat of this political roller coaster ride through hell. The sad part is? The rest of us are in the back of this roller coaster and we are going to be forced to ride this ride all the way to the end. There are no early stops, and for all we know, it may never stop! God help us if this is the new political normal.

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